After a solid 7 weeks of volume training in Korea, it's nice to finally be in Calgary for a month long training camp for a change of scenery (and pace - I'm ready to do some speed sessions now!!)

This marks the beginning of lots of traveling - Canada, Malaysia, Korea, Italy, Korea (again) Malaysia (again), Korea, Hungary, Netherlands, Shanghai and then Korea again all within the next 5 months. I'll be doing two month long training camps to prepare for the upcoming competitive season which kicks off in July with the test event of the SEA Games.

My last update was a while ago, and I apologize for my absence. I had planned to write an update back in March looking back at the end of the season and the milestone of competing in my first World Championships as the first female representative from Malaysia. Alas, as most of you already know, the day before the competition, I fell in the official practice and injured my ankle. After a lot of tough decision making - and tears - I decided to withdraw. I needed to look after my body first, before my pride.  

I've learnt a lot about the real meaning of how it 'takes a village to build an athlete'. This past season I've gratefully had an incredible support team come together around me: my coach; my teammates who motivate me; my training teammates who constantly push me; my partner in crime without whom I could not survive training; my best friends who message and FaceTime me constantly; every single one of my family who have made sacrifices financially and gone above and beyond to support me both physically and emotionally; the support of MapleZ who provide me with the best blades; my strength and conditioning coach; my nutritionist; my strategist and sounding board; my psychologist Phillip Lew from MSN who sends the best motivational quotes and videos; of course the incredible support team from MSN and OCM who support my dreams and make me proud to represent such a great country; most importantly, ISAM and in particular the President, Mr Billy who's overwhelming support and belief in me has helped to grow me into the athlete that I am. To everyone else who constantly checks in, sends me positive words of encouragement or even just gives me a cheeky like - thank you for your support too.

I'm a big believer in trusting the process and waiting for your moment to arrive. This last year has really tested my faith in that. 


Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” - Ambrose Redmoon


I realize now that everything happened as it has meant to go. Given the chance to redo or change the obstacles of the year past, I realize now that I wouldn't, with the wisdom that all those experiences were needed to create and prepare me to be the athlete that I have become. 

I still have a lot to learn and improve, and I'm humbled by the high level of inspiring athletes around me, but I am also excited by the big leaps of improvement I have been making in training. Each week I am getting stronger than the next and even more motivated by all the exciting things to come this season. Namely, representing my country on home ground at the SEA Games and the World Cup Olympic Qualifiers. 

Lots of big goals and big dreams - but if it was easy or expected, it wouldn't be worth it. The one thing I love more than this sport, is proving people wrong. Just because something has not been done, does not mean it can not and will not be done. 

To those who have tried to push me down and make me feel small for growing tall-

Thank you for pushing me to skate even harder and even faster. 

To the disbelievers and the small dreamers-

Not every dream will be accomplished, but the fool lies in never having dreamed at all. Because those who never dream, never accomplish.

To everyone out there challenging the norm and doing something that nobody else believes in-

Stay foolish. Work hard. Dream big. Have the last laugh.